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Upcoming IPOs to watch in 2022

If investing in IPOs interests you, then there is no better time to invest than now. In 2022, there are many IPOs coming, some of them much anticipated. Investing in these IPOs may very well help make your dream of hitting the IPO jackpot come true. With the global economy slowly stabilizing, investing in IPOs in 2022 can help you get good returns. If you were wondering which IPOs to invest in, then we have some recommendations for you. We have details of 10 IPOs that are expected to be listed in 2022.

1. Reddit

Reddit is a message board that has made a powerful impact in the digital world. With more than 330 million active users every month, Reddit is no doubt one of the top networks in the world. The popular digital company is believed to have made a filing with the SEC intending to offer an IPO. It is estimated that this could happen within the first few months of 2022. With more than $100 million in revenue earned in its recent quarter, the company’s valuation is likely to be attractive.

2. Discord

Discord has very quickly become one of the top apps for chat and calls. With 150 million-plus users and more than $130 million in revenue in 2020, Discord is one of the fast-growing companies. Microsoft made a failed attempt to acquire Discord. There are others interested in investing. The company is planning an IPO and will happen this year at an expected valuation of more than 10 billion dollars.

3. Stripe

Stripe is a well-known company in the payment processing sector. Starting in a small office, this company has grown big over the years. With customers like Amazon, the company is earning more than 7.5 billion dollars annually. The company is considered one of the most valuable private startups in the USA. The company is not officially talking about an IPO. But it is believed that they have started the process to offer an IPO this year with an expected valuation of 100 billion dollars.

4. Instacart

Instacart was expected to be listed in 2021, but it is believed to happen this year. The on-demand delivery company has seen stupendous growth due to the COVID pandemic with people preferring to order groceries online. The app now has a reach covering 80% of US households and 70% of Canadian households. There have been successful fundraising attempts, and they have now led to the company being valued at 30 billion dollars.

5. Thoughtspot

Another company in the digital space that is making names is Thoughtspot. The company allows organizations to tap into the power of analytics and AI. With its co-founders having worked with top projects in Google and Microsoft, it is no surprise the company is doing extraordinarily well. The many deals taking place in the analytics space have ensured that Thoughtspot is likely to get a good valuation. It has raised a total of 674 million dollars in funding, and the company is expected to go public in 2022 with an attractive valuation.

6. Chime

Chime is a popular company in the fintech space. The company has taken a public stance that it would avoid predatory fees that made it difficult for those who are in need. The policies of the company are in favor of those who are not financially literate and those in real need. With no overdraft fees and monthly fees, Chime, with its mobile banking facilities, has become very popular. The company is believed to be planning an IPO this year. It is expected to have a valuation of up to 45 billion dollars.

7. Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods has started out with an innovative concept. The company offers plant-based protein food products that are meant to completely replace animal-based food sources. This is a company that vegans and vegetarians are bound to love. Started by a Stanford Professor, the company started off with burger patties using plant products. These faux patties quickly became popular and are now available all across the country. With more than 1.5 billion dollars in funding, the company has big plans. The company is aiming for a $10 billion valuation and is going to launch its IPO this year.

8. iFit Health & Fitness

The pandemic has made people realize the importance of being healthy and fit. As a result, companies in the health and fitness space are Fast growing. iFit is a fitness equipment company that has been growing very fast. The company has invested in technology, and its pieces of equipment are connected to the cloud allowing data to be stored on online servers. The new-age types of equipment with innovative tech features are becoming very popular. With more than 1.5 million paying subscribers and revenues of 1.7 billion dollars, this company is going places. Its IPO in 2022 is likely to be valued at 7 billion dollars.

9. Lime

With the focus being on reducing the carbon footprint, it is no wonder that e-bikes and e-scooters have become popular. One of the companies to have taken advantage of this trend is Lime. The company offers electric scooters for rent and is now available in 80 cities globally. With more than 200,000 vehicles in its inventory, the company is making eco-friendly driving popular. Reportedly Uber is in talks to buy the company. When it lists in the market this year, it is expected to have a valuation of up to 4 billion dollars.

10. Klarna

Klarna, with its buy now and pay later business model, has become a popular payment solution in the e-commerce domain. The company is expanding rapidly, and more than 250,000 sites are now offering Klarna’s payment option. The innovative business model has gained popularity with consumers and e-commerce sites helping it grow well. The company has made 75 of its employees into millionaires and is now planning an IPO. It is believed that the company would be valued at 40 billion dollars and could have a London IPO this year. 

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