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A Thorough Financial Analysis of NextEra Energy (NEE)

NextEra Energy, based in North America and with the headquarters in Juno Beach, Florida, is a holding company. It is a leading electric power company with its subsidiary being NextEra Energy Resources, LLC (clean energy company). The company is also a generator of renewable energy from the wind and the sun.

The primary focus of the company is to develop a business strategy with a major focus on renewable energy. The NextEra Energy Resources, LLC controls and manages overall electric generation facilities in the wholesale energy market. NextEra Energy was tagged as the “World’s Most Admired” Companies in the Fortune 2020 list. They strive for the best among sustainability (for energy resources), responsibility (corporate), ethics-compliance, and diversity.

What it is like to invest in NextEra Energy

With the current situation, NextEra Energy saw a minute percent decline in their stock price. The stock price is on the rise and looking forward to an increase in the market. The customer base of NextEra Energy is huge and with that, the consumption of electricity is also on the higher side. This offers the right opportunity and choice to invest in the company because it is on a constant growth graph. Also, the company is the largest in the list of energy companies which produces wind and solar energy.

The profit section

NextEra Energy reported an increase of 40% in their third-quarter profits. They are currently on a 6% high on their stock price and shows a promising uphill in the market. The company is believed to be well-positioned, despite the uncertainty going around. The management aims at the growth of the business and targets the dividend growth of 10% per year through 2022

The current scenario

The essential company is likely to show up more on their profit sides since they reported an increase in the net income, and the investments have helped them greatly. NextEra Energy is a promising venture, and the largest provider company in renewable energy. It seems like a good time to invest and to get into action mode for future investment plans. The company is set with prospects of moving forward to change the world. Additionally, it’s a valued company with an investor focus on clean energy.

NextEra Energy can be the next market watch and a good start to investing for such a promising company with many renewable projects on their way.

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