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Investment Idea for US and Hong Kong Market

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Two stocks will be the winner if delisting Chinese Companies from exchanges

As tension between US and China intensify, there is a fear that U.S. Senate may passing legislation that could delisting Chinese company from the US exchanges. As a contingency plan, Alibaba (BABA) and NetEase(NTES) have chosen Hong Kong for secondary listing. As expected, more Chinese company will follow the same move. The following two stocks may be the winner from this movement.

Hong Kong Exchanges (0388)

The unique stock exchanges in Hong Kong. As more Chinese company look for secondary listing, it will help to increase the daily trading volume and market capitalization. Overall, it will help to boost the income of Hong Kong Exchanges.

China International Capital Corporation Limited (3908)

CICC is China’s first joint-venture investment bank with global network and expertise. CICC performed an important role during the secondary listing of Alibaba (BABA) and NetEase(NTES), such as joint sponsors, joint global coordinators, joint bookrunners and joint lead managers. As more Chinese company are searching for secondary listing in Hong Kong, CICC is expected to continue its dominant role. Overall , it will help to boost its investment banking business with great revenue.

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